Thursday, November 20, 2008

Even on the local level, PC media is a plague

The other day one of the big stories was the #2 Nutcase of al Qaeda called Obama a house negro. Except that most of the media weenies just couldn't bring themselves to report that: it was some kind of 'racial epithet'. Local news weenie actually put it that 'accused President-Elect Obama of being a black man who serves white men'. These people have no balls at all.(added: it seems some of the translators decided to clean things up: actually, he called him a 'house slave')

Or integrity. When Harry Bellafonte called Colin Powell a house negro, they played that; but they won't say this. Morons.

This just in: John Murtha(D Sleazebag-PA, and thanks a lot for reelecting him, you morons) is a chickenshit. Who doesn't have the balls to stand behind his words, and has a government lawyer(i.e., paid for by other people) saying "...a member of Congress is “absolutely immune” from a defamation suit because there’s no circumstance in which speaking to the media is not within the scope of a lawmaker’s employment." In other words, silly peasant, the claim is it doesn't matter where he is or what he does, Murtha(and every other moron in Congress) can slander and lie about people and has immunity from being nailed for it. Which is patent bullcrap, same as the crap a year or so ago that their offices are immune from being searched in a criminal investigation("Your home or business can be searched, but not OUR offices, you peasants!"). On this, I can't decide which would be the best attention-getter for these politicians: tar & feathers, a whip, or just go straight to the rope/lamppost thing.

With all the attention on pirates lately, and various hand-wringing "What can we do?" fretting, I'll make a suggestion: British & American* navies in particular, start sinking them. Just like we did for so long. They're at sea, they're pirates attacking people, "CIC Bridge, commence fire." Cuts down on recidivism something fierce.

Bill Ayers is a terrorist, murderer, a liar and and chickenshit.

I do not watch The View; I'd rather clean cosmoline off a hundred-year-old rifle with my tongue than listen to that collection of bigots and bullies, as evidenced by the contempt of one of these oh-so-sensitive liberal jerks toward home schooling. Yeah, public schooling is full of such wonderful moments for kids to remember.

Kim has a couple up today about men looking at women, and what women look like. As to the first, hell YES we look. Guys who aren't jerks try not to be obnoxious about it, but we look. And ladies, you damn well know it, so don't get huffy. Few years back some of my daughters friends were bitching about guys looking at them, daughter mentioned. I told her to give them a guys' view: if you're wearing a top cut down damn near to bisecting the shirt, and/or tied up to the boobs, and pants low-riding to the point of falling down or a skirt short enough to flash their crotch, not only do they know guys are looking but they want them to, and we know it; so knock off the bitching. Or change their mode of dress.
As to the second, what the hell is WRONG with these women? Emaciation is not sexy, dammit.

And now, I need to go out into the cold wind and look for ammo that I couldn't find yesterday. Or primers. Or powder. Can always use more of any of it.

*I don't have to mention the Indian Navy; they seem to have the idea just fine.


Anonymous said...

I think it would be more fun if Congress went back to issuing Letters of Marque. I'd stand in line!

Daniel Newby said...

Murtha is exactly right about immunity: if lawmakers can be prosecuted at will, then the faction with the sleaziest lawyers can make them write whatever laws they want, and we will be ruled from the shadows. The FBI and DEA are nearly as good at blackmail as the Stasi was, and if they start routinely using those techniques on senators, then the death of the Republic will be at hand. It is by far the lesser evil to let a few congressmen get away with retail crime for a few years, and vote them out in due course. The Founders designed a large Congress with immunity and frequent elections for exactly this reason.

Damn the country club Republicans for setting this wolf loose up on us with their perpetual legal campaign against the Clinton administration.

Firehand said...

I have a real problem with the idea that a Rep. or Sen. can say anything, including flat-out lies and slander, about people and face no sanction other than maybe being voted out at the next election. My understanding is that Congress has immunity for things said on the floor, things directly part of their work; I don't see going on a TV show and lying about people as being part of that, and there needs to be some way to whack them for it when they do. Letting them get away with 'little evils' is something that helped get us into the mess we're in.