Monday, November 17, 2008

Just so much garbage for a Monday,

and no time to go to the range. Dammit.

As Kim notes, if this man is charged, those responsible ought to be scourged out of office or their job, whichever. Absolute bullcrap.

It's just so interesting what the 'most honest House and Senate EVER!!!' gets us, isn't it? Tax-Evader Rangel, Fannie Mae Frank, Countrywide Dodd, aides trying to sneak guns onto airplanes and child-porn charges.

Well, well, Dallas commits social security fraud and identity theft, and works with illegal aliens, but "It was just a mistake, no crime committed." Bullcrap.

Kathleen Parker is whining because people are mad at her. And, of course, it's because "I criticized the Republican ticket." No, dumbass, WE were 'criticizing the Stupid Party ticket' because McCain was on it; we're pissed at you and others like you for dumping on Sarah Palin and blaming her for the loss. And crapping(again) on conservatives.

More idiocy due to the Pork, Payoffs & Bribes Bailout Bill:
"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," Schiff says. "People are going to feel like complete morons if they don't participate. The people getting punished are the ones who never made an irresponsible decision to buy a house they couldn't afford."

The government is offering loan servicers $800 for every homeowner they get into the plan.
The line to borrow a whip and head into the House and Senate forms on the left.

Blah. I need some lunch.

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