Wednesday, August 27, 2008

There's enough BS out of Denver and associated weenies

to just do some listing:
Union officials say their members are racists. You know, those officials who don't want secret ballots on union votes? Who keep spending members' dues on political crap the members don't want them to? Yeah, it's racism, sure.

Andrew Sullivan was one of the first bloggers I discovered when I went online. Read him a lot, until he became somewhat unhinged. Seems he can't keep the players straight at all anymore.

Obama & Co. just flat cannot stand actual freedom of speech, can they? How DARE anyone bring up inconvenient facts? As has been said, if the little bastard wants to send the Justice Dept. after people now, what'll he do if he's elected?

There's lots more, but I'm short of time. Short version:
"If you don't vote for Obama the Savior, YOU ARE A RACIST! And you are not allowed to say things the Obamessiah does not like!" Etc.

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