Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kid pitches 'too well'? Well, we can't have THAT,

can we?
The fighting started this week when Coach Wilfred Vidro refused a directive by league officials to replace 9-year-old pitcher Jericho Scott, whose pitching they say is so hard, fast and accurate that it might frighten or discourage other players.
And it includes this from the legal mouthpiece for the league:
“The spirit of the league was community, family, well being, nurturing. It’s an extended family and it’s been disrupted,” said attorney Peter Noble, who represents Liga Juvenil De Baseball De New Haven, Spanish for Youth Baseball League of New Haven. The league is not affiliated with Little League baseball.

Translation: "This kid's good, and we don't want his team winning this way; it might upset the bedwetters, kids and parents."
Yeah, I am being judgemental. Due to crap like this:
Noble said they cancelled the game for fear the adults bickering would create an “unhealthy environment.”

“We didn’t want an escalation of the kind of tumultuous behavior caused by the coaching staff,” he said
Translation: "Screw these kids! Who do they think they are, not doing what they're told? And the coach not bending over for us? Hah, we'll show them!"

Just bloody wonderful, isn't it?


GunGeek said...

Not that I have any knowledge of this particular league, but I've had my kids in sports leagues before that were openly touted as "fun learning leagues" where they had rules limiting how long each player was allowed to play as well as the minimum time each player had to play and other rules designed specifically to make sure that the participants were able to both learn and have fun.

They were NOT competitive leagues, even though they kept scores and did the normal tournament play with winners and losers and a grand champion team.

Now, if this was one of those kind of leagues, I see nothing wrong with trying to maintain that environment. If, on the other hand, it was a regular competitive league (like Little League is) then this stinks.

Titan Mk6B said...

I played flag football in elementary school. Our school was big enough to field two teams - the hand picked one and us. Second through fifth grades they beat us every time. The magic happened in the sixth grade and we almost went to the city championship after we pounded them. Even though the odds were stacked against us we got better and overcame their advantage. Too bad that is not going to happen here.