Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'd like to know the reason for shooting the dogs

in this case, and a lot of others. Dog is actually attacking you, no problem; dog is hiding under something or running away, big damn problem.

There's plenty to bitch about in this case: unnecessary use of the doorkickers, basically making a point of not letting the local cops know what you're doing, etc. Right now I'm thinking about the single point
As the police came in, Calvo said, they shot his 7-year-old black Labrador retriever, Payton, near the front door and then his 4-year-old dog, Chase, also a black Lab, as the dog ran into a back room. Walking through his house yesterday, Calvo pointed out a bullet hole in the drywall where the younger dog had been shot.

Why? Why the dogs if they're not a threat? Why crap like this
But for all that, the image that sticks in your head, as described by John Dougherty in the alternative weekly Phoenix New Times, is that of a puppy trying to escape the fire and a SWAT officer chasing him back into the burning building with puffs from a fire extinguisher. The dog burned to death.

In a massive 1998 raid at a San Francisco housing co-op, cops shot a family dog in front of its family, then dragged it outside and shot it again.

When police in Fremont, California, raided the home of medical marijuana patient Robert Filgo, they shot his pet Akita nine times. Filgo himself was never charged.

Last October police in Alabama raided a home on suspicion of marijuana possession, shot and killed both family dogs, then joked about the kill in front of the family. They seized eight grams of marijuana, equal in weight to a ketchup packet.

In January a cop en route to a drug raid in Tampa, Florida, took a short cut across a neighboring lawn and shot the neighbor's two pooches on his way. And last May, an officer in Syracuse, New York, squeezed off several shots at a family dog during a drug raid, one of which ricocheted and struck a 13-year-old boy in the leg. The boy was handcuffed at gunpoint at the time.

I've known people who'd put up with all kinds of stuff being done to themselves, but if you hurt their dog without damn good reason, you'd better watch your back from then on. And this kind of garbage, to say the least, kind of screws up your 'Officer Friendly' image, especially chasing a puppy into a burning building.

So I'm wondering why?


Anonymous said...

Something I'm coming to believe more and more is: people who abuse animals like that would do the same to humans if they thought they could get away with it.

I know not every child who is sadistic to animals grows up to be a sociopath, but enough sociopaths grew up abusing animals for the link to be clear.


MauserMedic said...

Screw with my dog, screw with me. Screw with me, 7.62 for thee.

I'm a hair past middle age, and I don't see things getting better. There's worse things than being dead.

Fire said...

Now this shit pisses me off! The individuals that you referred to in your post need to be strapped to a sinking ship, burned at the stake, lined up in front of a firing squad...start at the feet and work your way up, set on fire.....people that do these things to innocent animals deserve NO mercy.

Make no mistake....a dog attacks me or my loved ones, or my dog....they're going down. I was brutally attacked by a dog awhile back, so I know that there are instances when dogs need to be handled to save a life. But when innocent animals are tortured and killed.........SCREW ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DO THIS! I'm going to the range now. I'm pissed.