Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"But Ma Nature IS friendly!"

Yeah, just before she turns you into critter food and fertilizer.

Hogboy had a post earlier on just how easy, overall, we have it now. And just how bad it could get back in the days before we had ways to fight some aspects of Mother Gaia.
I once read a book on the black plague. I had always assumed the plague was a one-time thing, but boy, was I wrong. Once plague epidemics began in Europe, they came back over and over. You probably know that the disease was carried by fleas, but it was also possible to contract it by being near a person who coughed or sneezed. Then you died in misery, and you stood a good chance of infecting your loved ones in the process.

And we worry about gas-price spikes.
Yeah, three forms of bubonic plague developed: deadly, deadlier and "Everybody who catches me dies". And for lack of antibiotics, or a good way to kill rats, unknown millions died in Asia and Europe and Africa. Let's pass over smallpox for now(which, like plague, developed three types). Lots and lots of things; a cut that today you'd wash, maybe put some antibiotic on and forget, could kill you. I wrote the other day about some of the less friendly activities of lions; read up sometimes on what happened in bad winters in Europe and Russia with wolves. And that happened clear up into the 1940's in a couple of cases.

It drives me nuts when people speak in reverent voices of Mother Gaia Who Loves Us All. Don't know about you, but my mother has a certain preference as to who, between some animals and me, dies. Mother Gaia doesn't.

Old Ma Nature will use you for food same as any other being, whether your body being eaten by something after you die, something killing you and eating you, or- after being killed by whatever- turning you into plant food to feed the herbivores who feed the carnivores, on and on.

Nature gives you no 'right to life' except what you take by force. Ask someone freezing in a blizzard, drowning in a flood, sweating their life out or facing something toothy about their 'right to life'. Guy I used to work with had spent time in the Air Force, and a year of that was at a base in Alaska. He said that in winter there were two rules in particular for that place: it was a court-martial offense to go outside the fence alone, and in any group that went out there had to be at least one of them armed. The first because in that weather you could sprain an ankle or something and be dead before they knew to come looking for you; the latter because the Kodiak and polar bears looked on anything they could catch as food. While he was there, in spring, two guys went camping and never came back; the search party found what was left of their camp and some blood, nothing more. Seems that, as they set up camp that last evening, it was just a few yards off a trail and the tracks said bear found them before they noticed bear.

Nature is wonderful, nature can make you lose you breath in awe. It can also- WILL, if you don't pay attention- kill you without even noticing.

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