Tuesday, July 29, 2008

20-to-1 odds at one point

and the enemy got their ass kicked.

I'd heard something about this last week, but being the going-in-circles sort that I am, didn't dig up the facts on it at the time. I heard the "Nine American soldiers killed!" media noise, but didn't trust it; they've played games with things too many times. I remember a report on an ambush on one of our convoys a couple of years ago and the near-hysterical "Three American soldiers killed and seven wounded!" noise, but when you dug into it you found out that the enemy lost something like nearly 40 confirmed killed, a bunch captured and a bunch wounded; and that last was never, to my knowledge, reported in the major media. So this case should be no surprise:
"Perhaps the most important takeaway from that encounter, though, is the one that the mainstream media couldn't be bothered to pay attention long enough to learn: that, not for the first time, a contingent of American soldiers that was outnumbered by up to a twenty-to-one ratio soundly and completely repulsed a complex, pre-planned assault by those dedicated enough to their cause to kill themselves in its pursuit.

That kind of heroism and against-all-odds success is and has been a hallmark of America's fighting men and women, and it is one that is worthy of all attention we can possibly give it."

Make time to read it. And remember those men, the fallen and the living.

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