Sunday, July 27, 2008

Remember what I once wrote about bicycles

and the morons they seem to attract? Well, Sondra took note of another particularly idiotic bunch who should be introduced to a scattergun:
Seattle Police spokesman Mark Jamieson says that on Friday between 100 and 300 bicyclists were riding down a street in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, blocking traffic on both lanes, when a man and a woman in a Subaru station wagon tried to pull out of a parking spot.

But some of the bicyclists blocked them, sat on the car and began banging on the vehicle. Words were exchanged between the male driver and the bicyclists.

The driver feared being assaulted and backed up, but bumped a biker and enraged the group. In response, some of the bikers smashed the windshield and rear window. He tried to drive away but hit another bicyclist.

The car stopped a block down and the bicyclists surrounded the car. One biker punched the driver through an open window and another used a knife to slash the tires.

When the driver got out of the car a male suspect struck him with an unknown object in the back of the head. The driver was later taken to the hospital. His female companion was not injured.

I pointed out what would happen in this neck of the woods if they tried that; it needs to start happening there, too. I'll note that you don't smash windshields by whacking it with a fist, so I'm wondering what they used, and did they bring it with them? If so, wouldn't that count as premeditation? And how about that 'unknown object'?

The fact that they were allowed to block traffic, instead of the police dragging them off in job lots to jail...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like Boulder, Colorado. OldeForce