Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've mentioned I don't like working on ladders,

I also don't like working in trees with a saw. Especially when the wind is blowing like God turned on the sandblaster. But the limbs in question needed to come down, and I had time, so...

Happily I did not have to plead with the dog to call 911, especially since she was so comfortably stretched out in the grass, front paws crossed, watching the boss sway and saw and drop things. And then I noticed some of the guttering on the house had the nails pulling out, so I dug up the cordless- which needed charging, of course- and the gutter screws I picked up a while back and moved the ladder over to take care of that, and scoop out all the crap that had collected in it since it had sagged a bit and wouldn't drain as it should.

I'd rather clean guns, really dirty ones, than do that stuff.


Anonymous said...


I'd rather clean really dirty guns that risk becoming paralyzed from falling off a freakin' ladder.


Glad you made it out okay.

Thud said...

pole chainsaw...a lifesaver!

Firehand said...

Got one. The stuff I mainly had to get was in a position I couldn't use it, thus perching in the tree. The stuff I could use it on I passed up today, the way this wind was(still is) blowing.

Anonymous said...

Re: Really dirty guns email from a week or two ago.

I took my M-N 91/30 to the range the day after I emailed you and shot forty rounds of "Com-Bloc" corrosively primed ammo through it. I also shot forty rounds of 1943 SA MkVII through my unissued #4 Long Branch Enfield. I wiped the bores with wet patches when I got home, then wiped the bores with a flannel patch coated with 1000 Wonder Lube. This morning I examined the bores on both of 'em to find no rust, just shiny rifling. Same with my .50 TC Hawken that I put 125 shots through last Sat. Every shot was with a 1000 WL patched round ball and 50 grains of 3f Goex, my target load of choice. Again, no rust, just shiny rifling. BTW, no wiping between shots, the last one loaded as easily as the first.

Gerry N.