Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not having small kids around I'm not familiar with

the up & coming slutettes, so it was in a post at SondraK that I found this.

First, the photographer ought to have a boot up her ass for suggesting and pushing it.
Second, her parents left her with this idiot? After being around show and fashion business for years?
Third, they let her watch Sluts and the City?



Anonymous said...

Kids are having sex at like 10 and 11 years old now!!! WHAT THE HELL?? It is getting crazy out there!

Mattexian said...

I heard she was going to do her autobiography... AT 15?!? I thought out loud that she must be planning on imploding like Brittney or Lindsay. Then right away, she proves she will, with the stoopid photo shoot. What, Brooke Shields survived growing up as "mommie's little streetwalker" so now everybody's got to do it too?!?