Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A few interesting things

When the dirtbags who charged you start asking for a plea bargain, you know- and they know- they've screwed the pooch.

Leslie Fish, who I mentioned a while back, is putting together a CD titled 'Lock and Load', with Oleg Volk doing the cover. I want a copy.

Uncle asks again "Why are anti-gun activists so violent?"
As I was reading the Bible in my office, I reflected on all the childish name-calling by the professor. It was then I realized that a partial gun ban is necessary. Specifically, I concluded that liberals cannot be allowed to own guns, much less carry them on our college campuses. If they cannot control their emotions enough to engage in rational debate, they cannot be expected to handle a firearm responsibly. Handguns were not made for people with shaking hands and raised voices. They were made for those with self-control.
He also notes that Barack H. Obamessiah is now coming out of his closet on gun control. And- big surprise- lying while he does it.

And the gentleman at Random Nuclear Strikes is posting disgusting photos from Boomershoot. I have no doubt that some of the other dirty bastardslucky people who were able to make it will post more.

'Night, all.

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