Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Generally, I like to listen to Glenn Beck,

but on some things he ranges from 'Kind of Irritating' to 'Freakin' Jackass'. Lately he's been at bloody high 'Jackass' level over two things: oil and food.

Oil, he's tended to push things like "The Saudis are opening up their LAST FIELD! DISASTER IS COMING!" and, the one he's really been hitting the last week or so, "Food shortages! Food riots! Stock up NOW!"

I believe in being prepared, and that includes having enough non-perishables to carry you for at least a couple of days in case of weather or other disaster/emergency, but some of the "Get ready just in case of long-term shortages!" stuff reminds me of the people predicting collapse when the clock rolled over to 2000. You know, the people who found themselves with big piles of stuff that some of them had gone into debt to buy?

I fully realize there are problems out there, including the shortages of some things caused by the idiot bio-fuel programs. But I had to turn the guy off today, because I'm flat sick of hearing it.

Oh, the other thing that he's been saying for quite a while was "How much does gas have to cost before it really affects people?" I sent him a quick message on the line of "What the hell makes you think it didn't start affecting people a long time ago? At $2/gallon it affected people; at $2.50 it was worse, and at over $3 it's MUCH worse, so stop asking that stupid question." Now the bit is "How high does gas have to get before the economy collapses?", so maybe enough people hit him on the former to get the point across.


Anonymous said...


Well, gasoline is at $3.79 a gallon (Regular Unleaded) as of right now here in Louisville. Earlier today it was $3.69...but, apparently, someone decided they needed another .10 .

Mattexian said...

I think it might be his Mormon preparedness training kicking in. You know, that part about having a year's worth of food stocked up, in case of crop failure, job loss, injury, etc. I think the bigger problem is that, according to a report I heard the other day, with gas prices adjusted for inflation/devaluation, it's about $2 relative to the price in 2000. (Which was what, $1.50?)