Wednesday, April 23, 2008

If this mess is for real

then Britain is screwed. As Kim says, a few weeks earlier on time and I'd think it was a prank. On the other hand, his commenters from Britain seem to think there'd be some bitching but everyone would roll over for it simply because their government doesn't five a flying crap what they think about it. Or anything else.

We'll see.

Update: it's in the Daily Mail, too, pointed out by Theo.


Thud said...

We are in a mess..only problem with finding a solution is that it will increase votes for bnp...they may be for Britain but as jew hating national socialists they present as many problems as they solve.

Anonymous said...

It looks like both major parties want to loose the next election, as with the national debt and need to sack many of the state sector employees, it would cost whichever party gets in, any possibility of being re-elected for a generation.

Unfortunately the nazis (BNP) are getting more and more popular.

I'm not Jewish, but I detest extremists, and really don't want to see the BNP holding any sort of office.