Monday, April 21, 2008

I didn't know Bill "I am not terrorist scum!" Ayers

had a blog. No, I'm not linking directly to it. Since Gentleman Cuffy has saved us from having to dredge through the place, I'm linking to him. He's found such gems as:
We went underground after an explosion killed my girl-friend and two other close friends, and we decided to stay free rather get entangled in the criminal justice nightmare. We wanted to survive what we saw as an impending American fascism in order to fight the empire. We wanted to organize the armed struggle.
We were never “terrorists,” never attacking people to frighten or coerce them. The US forces in Viet Nam were terrorists. I’m not a tactician, however, and I think tactics always have to flow from the conditions you find, and the goals you have. When we destroyed property, symbolic targets of war and racism, an overwhelming majority of Americans opposed the war as thousands of Vietnamese were being slaughtered every week in our name. We were the anti-terrorists.

So blowing up places was not to 'frighten or coerce' people. Hmmmm, can I have a chorus of "Bullshit!"? And the plan to bomb the Army dance? Where many people would have been killed and injured? Doesn't that count as 'frightening or coercing' people?

The fact that so many want to cover up for this terrorist canker sore, and Obama had no problem with associating with him until people took active note of it, is just flat disgusting.

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