Wednesday, April 23, 2008

There's apparently something about a man in uniform

that brings out the stupidity in these clowns.

I'm not quoting the jerk, just pointing you that way so you can get the full flavor of his contempt. And idiocy.

One of the interesting things about this garbage is that Petraeus uses the language he does because if the spoke to some of these morons in Congress plainly, they- and their buttmonkeys like Cavett- would be having screaming fits because "He's not showing respect for Congress!" But he uses proper language- in a show where some of the morons are desperately hoping to make him look stupid- and they bitch and whine that he doesn't 'speak plainly'.

Arrogant, stupid, unknowing fools.

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Rustmeister said...

The Libs hate the General because they can no longer yell "failure!" and "quagmire!" when talking about Iraq.

Drives them nuts.