Thursday, April 24, 2008

Let's see: Obama has made his opinion clear on

people of religious faith and gun owners(like about 2/3 of the people in this state), that he wants to raise taxes, that he wants the government to 'take care of us'(after all, the government can spend your money more 'equally' than you can, so shut up and open your wallet!); he's spent twenty years sitting in the pews nodding at the words of a preacher who despises this country and his wife has made it plain that this is a mean, unfeeling country in her mind, so who does our governor endorse?

Obama, of course.

Both picked up superdelegate endorsements on Wednesday — Obama from Gov. Brad Henry of Oklahoma, who called him an inspirational leader who can unite the United States.

Obama's a uniter. He's 'inspirational'(except when he's not on a teleprompter, or actually admitting what he thinks). Etc.

I have only one question: just what did Obama promise Henry?


Annie said...

Never has a lame duck been so lame as Brad Henry. He most likely has a job waiting for him after his term runs out, perhaps spearheading a national lottery campaign. It's for the kids, you know.

Firehand said...

And the 'kids' are the all-purpose excuse for pretty much anything, isn't it?