Saturday, February 23, 2008

That brownie

does have a nasty sense of humor.

After I got home from work I spent another fifteen minutes(approximately) looking again for that firing pin stop. Flashlight and magnet both again. No joy.

Little while ago I went to a nearby mall for a bit so I could walk around without freezing my nose, came back and decided to walk to the liquor store for a bottle of something relaxing. Just before heading to the door I grabbed the Surefire and took another look. Here, there, over there where it couldn't possibly have bounced, nothing. Glanced down by an ammo box.

Understand something: the pile of stuff there, wasn't there yesterday evening. I'd picked every bit of that stuff up, checked them individually to see that it wasn't hung up/stuck on anything, then piled it up by the door while I searched, INCLUDING sweeping the area with the magnet broom my daughter gave me a couple of years ago. Then, after all that, picked the stuff up and set it near an ammo box(that had been moved and searched on/around/under). During the search after I got home had looked there and swung the broom over the spot. Again.

And I saw, as I glanced down, a shine. Which was the freshly filed part of the stop, laying ON TOP OF a piece of cord in the pile THAT HAD BEEN PICKED UP A PIECE AT A TIME AND MOVED. TWICE.

I can't remember, what's supposed to be a bribe for good behavior for the little buggers?

Well, at least he has decent timing on it. The Brownell's site was up and I'd marked a replacement, and was going to see if there was anything else I needed to order.

And it only took about twenty light file strokes on each side to finish fitting it(I'd gotten the thickness done yesterday).


Anonymous said...

I believe protocol now requires you to set out a bowl of milk and 10 rounds of .45 ACP.

Jas said...

Milk is an absolute favorite of theirs.

Though according to Dresden's little friend, they're also fond of pizza.

No matter what you do, no tiny clothes. That's insulting.

Arthur said...


Mine must be vindictive.

I only ever find the original lost item after I've opened the box of the replacement part.

As in: cut open the box, look down at my feet - oh, there's that lost item.

Mark said...

To appease the little gremlins you need to leave out the milk, the .45 ACP rounds but you can't forget the Rye Toast with Orange Marmalade. Without the toast they won't return what they've taken.

Hoozyrdady said...

Milk is good, but cream is better. I know not about quantity and caliber for ammo =)