Sunday, February 17, 2008

Put breakables out of reach

Then read this:
Coroners blame soldiers' deaths on an acute lack of equipment

Shortages of equipment were blamed yesterday for the deaths of British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan as two coroners in separate inquests made withering attacks on the Ministry of Defence.

One coroner attacked the MoD’s “unforgivable” failure to supply basic equipment, and accused it of a breach of trust. Both inquests showed that an acute lack of equipment had played a part in the deaths of a young officer in Afghanistan and two soldiers in Iraq.

I'm not excerpting anything else, read the whole damn thing. Then, if your eyes haven't crossed or been covered by a red haze, read this:
A SENIOR defence official has warned that the armed forces are heading for a “train crash” because the government is starving them of funds for vital equipment.

In a confidential presentation to colleagues at a meeting in the Ministry of Defence to discuss budget cuts, he said defence spending had been so severely pruned that vitally needed equipment was simply unaffordable. He also warned that the government risked “mortgaging the future” of national defence.

The official, a senior defence equipment capability manager, resorted to black humour, portraying the Treasury as an axeman who has cut off the arms of his MoD victim and is saying: “Stop whingeing . . . at least you have got your legs.” The meeting, one of a series to try to work out how to pay for all the equipment the forces need to meet their commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan, was also told that the Treasury has exaggerated the increase in the military budget.

Pardon my language, but God damn Tony Blair, who really started this mess, and Brown who's making it worse. Damn good soldiers being crippled and killed because these socialist bastards wanted to use the money for their little socialist schemes.


Anonymous said...

Gotta get the money for the welfare payments to the muzzies and their like from somewhere...

Hoozyrdady said...

That way the .gov can say they support the war on terror while nickel and dime'n the military to death.

Aurora said...

It just shows where that socialist government's priorities lie...wasting the lives of their best and finest because they don't give a hoot about national defense. Who would want to defend England now?