Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why people like Val must want to chew nails at times

is pretty well covered by this post over at Winds of Change commenting on a piece of casto tongue-bathing:
You know that whole thing about the values of the Left having eroded into simple anti-Western Imperialism? There may be something to that, you know...

...and that's a Left I'm happy never to have been a part of, and never to be a part of. If the price of universal literacy is prison camps for writers, count me out. If the price of "decent standards of health care" is lavish living for the Party cadres and grinding poverty for everyone else, count me out. If the price of resisting apartheid is brutalizing and murdering your own citizenry - in essence creating a contest between two brutally repressive governments - count me out.

How, exactly, does Bertram keep any claim to moral authority after writing this?

The piece they quote is bad enough; go through the comments and get a taste of real, live, idiot-level leftist thought, including this:
...And while you guys like to point out and overemphasize the blinders you think "liberals" have concerning Cuba and communism (if you can even call the USSR at any point a communist country except nominally)you might want to check your own blinders. While at least the Cubans gave a shit about apartheid, what was the US doing?..
You really need to check it out, and a couple of supporting comments. Castro wasn't trying to help communists take over countries in Africa, he was nobly resisting apartheid. All that stuff that's been recorded about the appalling state of 'health care' in Cuba for all but communist party members and rich foreigners? Lies, all of it. Etc. Oh, and do note that the USSR wasn't EVER REALLY a communist country.

I'd say those people have their head up their ass, but even in that much crap they'd have to have some contact with reality. And the one clown quoting Kofi Annan as a great authority on right and wrong... I wonder if he even has contact with oxygen.

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