Friday, February 22, 2008

Right now, I'm about as frustrated as I can get

EGW oversize firing pin stop came in a couple of days ago, and I finally had time to sit down to fit it. Had it about halfway done. Made a couple of file strokes, blew it off, stood up to stretch and gave it a swipe on my jeans. It slipped.

I have spent the last 45 minutes, first with a flashlight, then with a magnet, then the light again. I've gone over the whole floor, I've moved things it couldn't physically have gotten to/behind, and I've gone over the floor by braille. I've shaken out shoes and the pockets of the jacket I was wearing- yes, even the off-side. And it's not to be found.

Seeing as how I cannot see God deciding to take an interest in my patience and making it go away(any deity, for that matter, even a drunk Irish one) to test my limits, I'm going with what my daughter once suggested: there's a brownie in the house, and it's either got a bad sense of humor or it's pissed at me.

No, I have not been drinking.



Anonymous said...

Get yourself a nice sized magnet and go over the area. You will be suprised at what comes up - maybe even your missing part.

thud said...

The brownie will get fed up eventually and will deposit missing bit in another part of the house...they always do here anyway.

Sailorcurt said...

The only thing I can absolutely guarantee you is that you'll find it in the last place you look.

Unless, of course, you're OCD and continue to look after you've found it...

Fire said...

Let me tell you what would happen here, if it were me that this happened to.

I would be too pissed, and I would get another one. On the very same day the freakin' piece came in....guess what!!

The one I lost, will appear. Now that will piss you off even more!