Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First they drive people to drink,

and then that costs too much.
The price of a cup of tea is forecast to reach a record high while the cost of a pint of beer could soon hit £4, industry experts warned yesterday.

Shortages of tea from Kenya - currently in the grip of post-election political turmoil - and soaring malted barley prices are behind the increases.

I just looked it up, £4 works out to $15.54 $7.77*a pint. No wonder the Englishman(found this at his place) and Mr. Free Market tend to be pissed off about things.

Last time I bought a six-pack of Sam Adams it was $7, if that went the same as the above it'd go to... WAY too damn much.

*Roger pointed out the currency converter I originally used is screwed. By a considerable margin.

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Roger Ritter said...

I'm not sure what converter you used, but it's not quite as bad as that. The pound is worth about $2.00, so 4 pounds sterling is $7.77 at the moment. Still pretty expensive for a pint of beer, though.