Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In another of the series of "Troops the major media

will never tell you about", also known as 'Guys who need a prescription jockstrap to carry that weight', I found this at the Emperor's place:
Staff Sgt. Covel moved under fire to a rooftop forward of the safe house and settled into his battle station, alone except for one still anonymous SF operator who provided security for him.

“I set up my radios and requested air support,” he said. “I figured that if I was in front, then all of my guys would be behind me – so there wouldn’t be the risk of them being hit by our planes.”
“I don’t feel that I did anything different than anyone else in that same situation would have done. Any of the other guys who do my job would have done the same thing.” Staff Sgt. Covel said.

Apparently the Green Berets, who Covel spent 36 hours exposed in his “own little corner of hell” protecting with his airstrikes, were slightly more impressed. They were the ones who submitted him for the decoration.

Go. Read. Brave men and lots of dead jihadis.

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Anonymous said...

Where do we get such men as these?