Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is not a fun day in some ways

First, Fred Thompson just dropped out of the race. Just freakin' great. It's come to the point I have to decide if there are any of these clowns left in the race I can hold my nose for, or just say to hell with it. Unless the Stupid & BackstabbingRepublican party can actually straighten some things up, we're looking at looting politicians screwing us over fast or slow. Some damn choice.

As Kim notes, the ADL has decided that supporting gun bans is "to allow states to protect their citizens’ lives, liberty and property by regulating the purchase and possession of firearms. The League urged the Court to ensure that states retain the ability to keep guns out of the hands of “violent bigots.” I pulled up the ADL site and started to write them, but cancelled it; why bother? They've made it plain, in the past and now, that people like me are considered just as dirty as some clown with a swastika on his arm. I mean, hell, I not only posted that quote from George MacDonald Fraser, I commented that it was true; I'm probably on the same list as Kevin.

Which, mind you, is good company. Screw you, ADL.

Gee, why would we worry about the state of university education, and the politics of professors?

And while this would explain some things about Chavez(Stalin Wannabe, VZ), the basic is still that he IS a Stalin wannabe. And any excuse will do for adding to his power.

And while the sun is shining, it's cold and windy outside. I've got a dozen milk jugs, and the lumber to build a rack to set them up to test the .30 Carbine loads, but not in this weather: numb, stiff hands make accurate shooting difficult and this it to test loads, not me.

To quote Raj Whitehall, "How truly joyous."

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