Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Remember the Chicago lawyer who keyed the Marine's car?

The Emperor pointed to this piece in the Chicago Tribune about the hearing. Some bits from it:
Grodner was late to court for the second time in the case. Grodner called Assistant State's Attorney Patrick Kelly, (Marine Corps/Vietnam 1969-1972), informing Kelly that he would be late to court.

"He wanted to avoid the media," Kelly said Friday. "So he's coming a half hour late."
Awww, he didn't like the attention for some reason.

Grodner told me he'd describe himself as a "radical liberal" who's ready to leave Chicago now with all this negative publicity and move to the south of France and do some traveling.

Let's see, 'radical liberal' = chickenshit vandal. Kind of like those clowns in Olympia and Seattle. And he wants to run away to France. BIG surprise.

During the proceedings, the judge described the offense as anger rose in his voice, especially as Grodner started balking on a plea arrangement he'd made with prosecutors.

"Is this what you did? Yes or no," Judge O'Malley asked Grodner.

"Without knowing, yes," Grodner said, sticking to his I-might-have-done-it-but-didn't-really-mean-it defense.
Ok, this has got to be the most chickenshit part of this. He was CAUGHT keying the car, made bullcrap comments about it, and now says THIS?
O'Malley asked again, in a stronger voice, not that of a judge but of a cop on the street or a Marine who meant business.


Grodner bowed his head, meekly, and responded in an equally meek voice:

"Yes," he said.

And after the hearing was over:
We stood outside, in the parking lot, talking for 20 minutes. He smoked, and I didn't. He explained that he wasn't anti-military and why he pleaded guilty.
He's not 'anti-military', but he keyed the car. Because it had Marine stuff on it. Yeah.
"The judge, he's the guy with the black robes," Grodner said. He could have been slapped with a felony, but Sgt. McNulty's family said they wanted to put this behind them and let it go as a misdemeanor.
Translation: "I pled guilty because I was afraid of a trial."
Grodner showed no remorse, and I asked if he'd apologize.
This pretty much sums up the 'radical liberal' lawyer:
"Yes, I'd say, 'I'm sorry if I scratched your car.' It escalated. That's when he wanted me locked up and thrown away," said Grodner, always the victim.

Lying piece of crap. If it had 'escalated' the Marine would have put discipline aside and beat the crap out of you. And you'd have deserved it, you miserable bastard.

A fine representative of the legal profession and liberalism, isn't he?

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Fred said...

"Avoiding the media" hasn't been difficult. There has been very little MSM coverage in Chicago and none nationally.