Monday, January 21, 2008

I kind of like this roundup thing

so I'll keep it going.

First, (and I already told you this) Hillary Clinton is a socialist without the courage or integrity to admit it:
According to the New York Times, Hillary Clinton says that if she becomes president the federal government will take a more active role in the economy “to address what she called the excesses of the market and of the Bush administration.” Scary stuff for anyone who still believes in the free market.

Second, remember a few days go, the post on canaries in the coal mine?
The government officers who entered the sprawling, country club-like complex were ostensibly looking for a stash of weapons and for evidence of “subversive activity.” They found neither. In the subsequent days, the Venezuelan Jewish community’s umbrella organization, the Confederation of Israelite Associations of Venezuela, fired off a statement denouncing the raid as an “unjustifiable act” aimed at creating tensions between the community and the government of socialist President Hugo Chavez.
Ooooh, yeah, Chavez will really straighten up! A statement has been made! Especially considering this:
Jewish communal leaders also believe that another element might be at work. Sultan noted that Tarek al Assaimi, a former far-left student leader whose father was the representative of Saddam Hussein’s Baath party in Venezuela, is the deputy Interior and Justice minister in charge of internal security and, as such, could have been involved in initiating the raid.

Third, George Clooney: Messenger of Peace. Question is, will the Messenger do anything about the child abusers and porn rings? Or are they not worthy of notice by the Messenger when it's UN personnel doing it? And that mass murder/slavery thing in Darfur, it's really annoying, isn't it, Georgie?

Fourth, Kevin has one of his pieces up, this one on media bias and the blindness of so many media weenies to it. Which includes this quote from Bernard Goldberg:
"I understand how you feel," I told him, trying to diffuse a bad situation. "But I didn't say anything in the piece about how even you, Andrew, have agreed with me about the liberal bias."

Instead of calming things down, my comment made him go ballistic. "That would have been like raping my wife and kidnapping my kids!" he screamed at me.
Talk about a telling statement...

Fifth, will you third-world peasants stop trying to become un-Gaia-friendly? Your betters like it so much better with you living in dung huts.

Sixth, "Buy GloballyLocally Grown!"

And finally, some information on how the gun and self-defense bans in England have helped matters:
Violent crime rate wasn’t the only type of crime that skyrocketed. As a matter of fact, gun crimes period increased. Read that again: handgun crime increased. Gun control utterly failed. AsBBC reports in 2001, “[a] new study suggests the use of handguns in crime rose by 40% in the two years after the weapons were banned.” The crime rates didn’t stop there. AsBBC reports in 2003, “Gun crime has risen by 35% in a year, new Home Office figures show. There were 9,974 incidents involving firearms in the 12 months to April 2002 - a rise from 7,362 over the previous year.”
Other forms of crime increased too. As the same BBC article in 2003 reports, “Overall crime in the year to September was up 9.3%, with domestic burglary up 7.9%, drugs offences up 12.3% and sex offences up 18.2%.”
Amazing how that works, isn't it?

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