Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's not a Righteous Shooting,

unfortunately, but at least the bad guys got hammered.
Despite being temporarily knocked unconscious and then stabbed three times in the head, he said he became "invigorated" by the sight of the attackers threatening his 13-year-old daughter Aisling.

In a rage he wrestled a gun from the arms of one attacker and then beat and chased the masked raiders from his home.

The Old Bailey heard how the armed trio turned up at Mr Dwyer's luxury home in Uxbridge, west London, a day after battering to death restaurant owner Helen Chung, 65.

Just a bunch of little choirboys out for a lark, weren't they?
"These b**tards were out of control. We were going to die anyway, that's what I thought.

"I thought if I am going to die then I would rather die like a man than a dog. The guy was standing over me with the gun and I thought if I can move the gun with my arm and make the bullet go into the wall I could come up and bash him."

Mr Dwyer described how he pushed the weapon away from his face before rising up to strike his attacker.

"I hit him several times, I hit him plenty," he said.

"The man with the knuckle-duster screamed, 'He's fighting back the b**tard, kill the b**tard, he's fighting back."

Take note of that last(bold mine). These little shits are so used to nobody daring to stand up to them, it's an actual shock when someone does.

But the businessman, who is married to wife Jane and has a second son Shaun, 19, told the court how the pair would not leave and tried to push back into the bedroom.

"So we had another bout of fisticuffs," said Mr Dwyer, "But this time I’m in charge of this battle. I let the door go and let them fall in and then, bam, had a go at them again.

"I have never used a weapon in my life and it was a great feeling. I grabbed the gun and bashed it across the knuckle-duster guy.

"Next thing is they took off and I chased them down the stairs. I bashed knuckle-duster man with the gun and I broke the handle on his head."

The burglars fled empty handed in the car they had stolen from Mrs Chung minutes earlier, the jury has heard.

Mr Dwyer was left with broken ribs in the attack as well as 30 cuts to his body and head including a gaping 3cm wound in his thigh.

What's the one thing that's been pointed out by many over time? The single most important thing is your mindset: if it happens, fight to win no matter what.

Mr. Dwyer, your nation needs more people like you, and if there was a way I'd buy you a drink. It's too bad you don't know how to shoot, you could have punched the tickets of the bastards when you got the gun away from them. Better yet, if your government wasn't so full of GFW nannies you could have had something appropriate of your own.

In any case, as happy an ending as could probably be in Britain these days, brought to you by the Englishman.


BobG said...

It's a good thing he didn't shoot them, or that piss-poor excuse of a government over there would have put him in prison for using excessive force.

Gerry N. said...

It was a "replica" gun. Mr. Dwyer should have "holstered' it in one of the thug's poop chute. It's unfortuate, but it seems GB is on the skids to becoming a hell hole where the young, the strong, and the many will ultimatley rule. They do in many places there now.

Good Bye, England, it was nice knowing you.