Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ref the current idiocy in NO

Specifically the reelection of that incompetent guilty-of-manslaughter-through-negligence Nagin, I now officially say Screw New Orleans. Not in a good way.

Let's see, they bus people back to NO to vote, even though many of them had said they weren't moving back, etc., etc., from what I've heard LA politics in action. Pull the plug and drain that swamp.

Better yet, let it go BACK to swamp. A nice, productive, good-for-the-wildlife swamp with gators and water moccasins and so forth breeding again. And since those idiot levees- you know, the vitally-important ones they're building/repairing with ground up houses?- won't be needed anymore, some part of the Mississippi can go back to dumping silt where it belongs and building the Delta up.

About the ground-up houses: a while back I read a book called 'Rising Tide' by John Barry, about the monstrous floods along the Mississippi in 1927. There was a section talking about how levees were designed and built, and they were very careful to keep any wood- limbs, lumber scraps, whatever- out of the construction. They knew the stuff would rot and leave a weak spot in the levee, so fill brought in was inspected, including as it was added to the levee, to spot and remove anything of the type. And now these idiots are using ground-up houses, wood and sheetrock and metals(including all kinds of toxic-to-the-environment stuff) to build levees. I repeat, screw NO, let it go back to a nice, hunting & fishing-friendly swamp.

Also, for a different look at FEMA and their response, check out these comments at the LawDog, specifically the one from Thunder. I admit, I always expect things to get screwed up when some government agency is involved, but the some of the crap I heard about FEMA didn't make a whole lot of sense. Unless, of course, people wanted someone to blame(in particular, someone connected somehow with Bush). As I commented about Day Quayle, if you've got that many people looking for any/everything you do that can be used against you, Einstein will end up looking like an idiot and Mother Teresa like a runaway Nazi camp guard.

Enough of this crap. I had a nice day with my daughter, and I refuse to let a bunch of idiots in NO mess it up.

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