Friday, May 26, 2006

I started to write on this this morning,

but by the time I finished beating out letters to congresscritters, I had to go to work. I was also too damn mad to do it then.

This being the abortion of a 'border security and immigration bill' that those smirking idiots in the Senate passed.

Now, not only do illegal aliens get a pass on various felony crimes that would put you or I in jail; not only does it give amnesty to illegals who've been here a while(and I don't care how much the assholes don't like the word, that's EXACTLY what it is); thanks to those two extra-sorry shits Dodd and Specter, we would have to 'consult' with the friggin' GOVERNMENT OF MEXICO before we could build a god-cursed FENCE on our OWN DAMN BORDER.

Screw politeness, screw nice, these bastards should be removed from office for acting against the interests of the United States and violating the oath they've taken- more than once.

God-DAMMIT I'm tired of this crap.

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