Friday, May 26, 2006

I just LOVE doing things like this

Decided to get some dies and some .284 Winchester brass to resize for 7.5 Swiss.
Check Midway and find several things I need.
Find the dies; there are several, but I've had good results from them in the past so I get the Lee set.
Order the brass while I'm at it.

They ship fast, so I got the stuff in today. Joy, joy, I can load!


Remember those dies? I forgot something: you need to run the .284 brass through a full-length resizing die like this set the first time because you need to both resize the neck and set the shoulders back just a touch. So now I have to 1. send the neck-sizing dies back and exchange for the full-length set(not a problem; Midway is very good on customer service) or b: keep the neck-sizer and order a full-length set, using the full-length die for new .284 brass and the neck-sizer thereafter.

I repeat: I just LOVE doing stuff like this.

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