Sunday, April 07, 2024

Some of that stuff I was going to write about yesterday and a couple of new ones

A bunch of cops and busybodies who really need some talking to.  In the cops case it should involve "You don't have anything better to do?"
And when a parent asks 'What law says this?" and the cop in charge tells them 'Google it', you know they're full of shit.

For some reason the "BELIEVE ALL WOMEN!" and "METOO!" types have little to nothing to say about how Hamas, and a lot of True Believers in Islam consider, and treat, women.
Probably too busy attending anti-Jew rallies to care.  I'll note there was little said about the child rape and slavery gangs in Britain, either.

Now: "Even if Biden did shower with is daughter, it's no big deal, lots of fathers do it!"
Does that sound to you like "Let's get in front of this and try to minimize it before something bad comes out"?

(formerly Great)Britain:
Jose and Ted Saunders said they were “shocked” to be told by North Northamptonshire Council that their mid-terraced house in Rushden, near Wellingborough, was deemed to be empty or derelict, enabling the authority to force them to sell it.
Three days after receiving the letter, the Saunders got an apology, saying council staff had mistakenly earmarked the house for possible compulsory purchase.

It comes after The Telegraph revealed on Tuesday that the Home Office has quietly built up a stock of 16,000 properties for asylum seekers despite acute shortages of homes for young workers and families.
Like some Democrats mistakenly admitted a while back, you know who they really care about.
And I'll bet they- some councils at least- are quite willing to start taking homes that aren't vacant because "You're a retired couple and this house is too big for you, we're seizi- ah, making a compulsory purchase for the greater good(of the immigrants)."


Terrytheterrible said...

Makes one wonder if these immigrants will treat these idiots in kind.

Judd said...

I live about 12 miles from Rushden.

Been predicting compulsory theft (downsizing) of your home to suit immigrants for some 20 years now.
Formerly Gt Britain is spot on, the place has gone to the dogs along with most of the west, and all of the damage we see is deliberate.

Anonymous said...

Saw a vid of Dr. Phil. Last week in Michigan, his guest, a son of a hamas leader, spoke truth to a couple of posers.
Didn't seem to do any good since the idiots were still out protesting, but here's a link.