Sunday, March 19, 2023

I have to wonder about the leftists* screaming to indict Trump over, well,

anything: do they actually think this is a good idea, or do they hate him so much they don't bother thinking?

Back in the '16 election I once said 'at this point I'd be glad to see him win just to watch the leftists lose what's left of their minds', and they did.  Which led to some of the worst exposed corruption by some politicians and journalists, and miserably sorry excuses for peace officers imaginable.  Which polarized the country worse, causing a lot of people who hadn't before to at least sympathize with Trump.

Now this crap out of New effing York, and the 'International Criminal Court'.  Which I think is liable to backfire bigtime, right in their faces.  And they don't seem to care if it does, because 'Orange Man Bad! and we hates him, we do!'

Throw in the bank crap, and the threat of war with Russia and the PRC, which- bad things happen- you KNOW they'll blame it on Trump, because they cannot stand the idea of taking blame for what they've done.  Or admitting how compromised- at the least- Biden & Co. are by the PRC, and probably to some extent with Russia(remember all the deals the Clintons and others did with Russia in the past?).

One big bloody nasty mess, with the leftists determined to do as much as they can cram through(like the "Yes, we must ban gas stoves and heaters!" idiocy) before things fall apart.

Throw in the supposedly 'conservative' Stupid Party clowns and journalists who have only one guiding principle: Never Trump!  No matter how much damage it has and will do, and they've got hellish dirty hands for their part in this.
It's enough to make you despair.


ontoiran said...

i can't wait to vote for somebody that those traitors hate and fear that much

James said...

Oh there is much more in addition to this to make me despair,

Country Boy said...

Sadly, there doesn't seem to be a cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

230 geains of lead injected into the brain would make them stop the stupidity.


Dan said...

The left HATES Trump with an all consuming anger. The want him DEAD. If they can't get that they want him behind bars where it will be much easier to "Epstein" him. And the "conservative" right doesn't particularly like him either. The GOP would be quite happy to see Trump removed from contention and if necessary from society. They are no better than the left. This is "lawfare" at it's most corrupt and blatant finest. And when they get through destroying Trump they will set their sights on anyone and everyone that has opposed them and their agenda. Justice in America died a LONG time ago.