Tuesday, March 21, 2023

If there is any justice, at some point a bunch of trans activists and their ass-kissers

will pay a heavy price for what they've done to a lot of kids.

And that includes some parents.


Anonymous said...

I've seen stories of the like where mum & pop put a dress on little Billy cuz he wants to be Billie Jean,
But this story....

clayusmcret said...

That includes a lot of parents.

Anonymous said...

What a tragedy.

Old Radar Tech said...

What a crime.

markm said...

Think of the good side of this: These parents have ensured their genes will not be passed on to grandchildren.

OTOH, if I'm on the jury after one of these kids grows up, realizes what they did to him, gets a gun, and goes after the teachers, doctors, and parents who approved of this, and is sufficiently careful about not hurting innocent bystanders, I might decide it was justified homicide.