Friday, May 27, 2022

Now, on top of everything else in Uvalde,

we find that the piece of garbage started his shooting and continued it outside for about ten minutes.  And nobody in the school seems to have said "Let's make sure all the doors are secured."

This is so effed up it's amazing.

One more thing: I haven't seen anything confirming this, but there was a statement that the rifles he bought after his 18th birthday were two Daniel Defense firearms.  Those things run around $2000 each, plus the other stuff he bought.  If this is correct, where'd he get that money?


riverrider said...

had a job at wendy's. more telling, he only bought 375 rounds most of which he had at the school. when/where did he train? 375 divided by 20 or 50, doesn't come out even? nice truck too if it was his. the ny shooter took cover to reload. i had problems training troops to do that. same thing, hi dollar gear, but complaining he was too broke to buy the good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I've asked myself that same question he worked at Wendy's part-time where did he get the $5,000 plus to purchase all of this? My guess he was convinced to do this by the fed boys.

1chota said...

and that pretty new truck?

Firehand said...

I think he stole it, unless there's been another update

Rick said...

Truth is stranger than fiction.
However, in absence of compelling evidence to the contrary, the simplest answer is the most plausible. That would be the spooks at FamBoiInstigator.