Monday, January 17, 2022

Britain has lots of trees, some of those who still give a damn

should start buying rope.  Because a lot of their 'elites' are just as slimy as many of ours.
What, you may ask, did Lord Ahmed do to deserve a title? Not much. He was a Labor Party hack and one of several Muslim cronies to whom Blair doled out aristocratic titles. Why? A few reasons. For one thing, he wanted to suck up to Muslim voters, who form a key part of the Labour Party base. For another, he wanted to make the British nobility more diverse (a pretty funny concept, if you pause to think about it). Finally, he wanted to combat Islamic “extremism” by holding up “moderate” Muslims as role models. Of course, if Blair and his crew had been less blinkered about the horrors of Islamic ideology - and about the consequent everyday horrors of British Muslim life - they might have acted a tad more cautiously. Surely no one who’s paid attention to the grooming-gangs scandal should be surprised to see not just Lord Ahmed but also his two brothers nabbed for molesting kids. It’s long since been established that in Pakistani communities in England, child rape is not a vanishingly rare occurrence, as it is in most Western societies, but a favorite diversion, as popular as kebab and samosas. The kafir may not know - or may try to forget - that Muhammed’s favorite wife was a little girl, but Muslims - for whom Muhammed is, after all, the ultimate role model in all things - remember. So it is that in many a Muslim home, thanks to the prophet’s sacred example, the family that prays together preys together.
Tommy had been keeping a relatively low profile since his September 2019 release from a cruel, undeserved, and almost fatal prison sentence. It’s good to see him back in action. For although the last few years have seen sensational revelations of Muslim child rape in cities all over England, the media coverage - which generally dwindles down to nothing after a few news cycles - and the handful of low-key prosecutions apparently haven’t put a dent in the practice. And as brief clips from The Rape of Britain make clear, the cops and child-protection officials are no less lackadaisical than they were when this whole scandal first broke. The movers and shakers, as ever, would prefer to see Tommy Robinson to go away and stay away, so that the abuse of working-class white girls can go on behind closed doors and Muslim bigwigs who know all about it (and may even be participating in, or profiting from, it) can be exalted by the Queen with clamor or controversy.

And let us note that their law enforcement is just as fucking useless and cowardly as the EffingBI and a lot of DAs/prosecutors.

Trees, lots of trees, and rope, as Mr. Williamson points out, can be reused.

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Anonymous said...

They are not that much different than us. Today, before her inevitable suicide, Ghislaine (sp?) Maxwell stopped fighting the release of names of the Johns of her and Epstein's pedophile ring. We are pretty sure one of them will be Prince Andrew. I am expecting a wide assortment of American politicians of all supposed political affiliations. Although I do expect the FBI to protect Leftists as best they can.

Subotai Bahadur