Friday, September 17, 2021

On going full North Korea, part of Australia is giving 'Nork' a bad name

The Andrews Government is making more bad changes to Victoria’s gun laws.

The latest changes will allow police down to the rank of inspector to ban shooters from holding firearm licences for at least 10 years – for getting nothing more than a speeding fine.

People hit with a ban will also be subjected to warrantless searches of their homes or cars at any time, and barred from going to any place where guns may be stored or used.

And yes, it gets worse.  It's the kind of "You can be banned for ANYTHING" law that Watts and Hogg have wet dreams about.

The asshat behind this looks like- well, she looks like that vicious asshole from the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter.

I'd say "Screw Australia" but they've already done it to themselves.

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