Friday, September 17, 2021

Everybody knows what would be the appropriate things to do,

but most have neither the balls nor honor to do any of them.
But there’s another obvious question. What to do with Pelosi?

If the Woodward book is accurate, the Speaker of the House was involved in a potential military coup against the elected President of the United States. As the New York Post’s Miranda Devine has written:

Milley was also in direct contact with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, at whose direction he appears to have initiated not only the Pentagon meeting but overtures to the heads of the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency.

Not to mention that his controversial call to the Chinese general took place after his conversation with Pelosi.

Are members of the U.S. House going to sit quietly on this? Where are January 6 Committee Republican House members Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger? They have no problem with Pelosi urging the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to commit treason? Really?

They might have a problem, but see' balls' and 'honor' above.


thinkingman said...

THANK YOU! The question opens what should have been an obvious cascade of actions to follow IF a military based coup had been undertaken. FIRST, how Pelosi, to grab power for herself and her anticipated Oligarchy, would quickly turn on the General who made the coup happen, declare herself the head of Government, and have the General securely confined until his "suicide" was accomplished. Simultaneously, the Illegitimate "Government" would declare Martial Law suspending the Constitution, likely never to restore it. After that, it's off to Red Square West and all that is implied by such. Just sayin', IMHO.

riverrider said...

the phone call, like leaving 90 million worth of equipment in a'stan, is small potatoes and easily spun away. he real offense was inserting himself in the nuke decision protocol. like the real offense in a'stan is leaving people behind. as the spin goes, " it wasn't secret, there were 15 people in the room..." so there were 15 co-conspirators then. and the key guy, trump, wasn't one of them. hmmm.