Tuesday, September 14, 2021

This piece of shit, along with helping screw up the Afgan situation most amazingly,

had done this.

If you read the piece Ace links to, it's full of "Trump is/was insane, action had to be taken, screw the law and Constitution" cheering for this bastard.  

This... if no action is taken against Milley for this, then there are no reins on the assholes as long as 'I thought it was necessary in order to protect the process and world order'.

Added: be it noted that a bunch of people are pointing out that Woodward has shown himself to be a dishonest bastard before, and some people are saying they were misquoted or flatly "I didn't say that".  So it's possible that some of this is inaccurate.  Problem is, if I had not said/done this stuff, and Woodward or anyone else put in print that I had, I'd go off like Vesuvius on a bad day; so far, I haven't heard anyone quote Milley denying it.  We'll see.

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Dan said...

Ever since Obama's Stalinesque purge of the military ALL flag level officers are treasonous commies. Anyone with a hint of loyalty to America an the Constitution has been driven into retirement or transferred to bumfuck egypt. NOTHING will happen to Benedict Milley....not a damn thing.