Sunday, January 10, 2021

Know what's one of the stupid parts of the 'Get rid of guns, shoot them if they don't hand them in!' idiots?

Fastest-growing groups of first-time gun owners the last few years have been women and minorities.

So a bunch of leftists are talking about ordering the cops they hate to "Go arrest those people who didn't surrender their guns!  Kill them if you have to!", and it'll be fun to point out to them that they're approving sending the cops they hate out to kill lots of women and minorities for not doing what The Man told them to.


Dan said...

The leftists in power don't care WHO gets killed. As long as they achieve and maintain their control over everything. Communists have a LONG history of
killing people. And the first group of people they generally kill are the
morons who supported them. It's the useful idiots that get exterminated first.

riverrider said...

i will not, as solzetnitzan said, "burn in the camps at how we could have resisted". i will resist.

dogsledder said...

The democrats and RINOs think that after Joey Biden is sworn in, that the seventy-some million Trump voters will just go away quietly and forget about the election. They will not. Every single traitor will be a target. Bad times coming.