Thursday, August 13, 2020

Tab clearing

"The peasants are revolting, please make them stop!"

Control freaks and idiots.

The Mayor of Chicago helped this happen.  I wonder how she'll try to blame it on Trump?
Also, if you think attacking a Ronald McDonald House is 'protesting' you're an idiot.

But it's all justified because 'protesting', right?

Worst Hitler Ever.

Idiot politicians and bureaucrats.  If you're running into their paywall, the important part:
In an email to employees sent out on July 31, the head of Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources not only reminded employees of Gov. Tony Evers’ mask order going into effect on Aug. 1, he also said that every DNR employee must wear a mask … even while on a teleconference.
The reason behind the directive is even sillier than the directive — if that’s possible:
“By wearing a mask while video conferencing with the general public, we visually remind folks that masking is an important part of navigating the business of natural resources during this tumultuous time,” Sheridan said.

"Screw standards and the kids, Race Is Everything!"


markm said...

Give Trump the Nobel Peace Prize? I'd settle for establishing a principle that they hold off on all such awards for five years to see if the "peace" lasts. That would invalidate every Peace Prize for the Middle East, and I expect Trump's treaty will do no better.

Firehand said...

Could well be; we'll see. Though considering the deals between the Saudis and others with Israel before this because of a common enemy, this may have a better chance of lasting. At least a while.