Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Chicago, barring a miracle, is so screwed

you can see the threads from here.

Armed bad guy gets shot.  Immediate BLM riot including vehicles to carry 'protesters' to and from, to ram storefronts, and trucks to carry away the loot.

They wind up raising bridges around the area to try to isolate it, and as of this morning apparently the cops are checking ID before letting people into that part of town.

And I'm sure there will soon be a statement from the Mayor blaming Trump and other states not having the kind of gun laws she wants.

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riverrider said...

chi town has been screwed for decades. before Capone even. i would suggest bulldozing it but i wouldn't want that filth spread across America. let them burn, along with the rest. when they come out to the burbs, smoke 'em.