Sunday, August 09, 2020

Scene from the range

I spent yesterday dealing with a veritable frikkin' rainbow of people showing up to buy guns, buy ammo, practice, get advice on guns and ammo.

This  includes people from other states who were passing through, saw the sign, and "Maybe THEY have some 9mm/40/whatever!" and stopped in.  People with lots of different melanin contents and accents.

Those clowns insisting all gun owners are old, fat, white males are either hugely ignorant, or damned liars.  I suspect a mix, but I know a lot of them are liars.

And Biden just announced(again) he wants to ban 'assault weapons', whatever the hell he defines that as.  Oh yeah, that's going over well.


Anonymous said...

Biden says what the teleprompter says... except when his feable mind wanders off track.

Its a good thing people are flocking to gun ownership. When you look at the brown shirts marching and looting with guns its hard not to realize that you will be a statistic without a hun to defend your family when - not if - they come for you because you are not radical enough for them.


taminator013 said...

Heading to the range tomorrow evening. One of the girls who I worked with wants to go again. She had a great time at her initial training session shooting my Ruger Single Six. She also shot my buddie's 9mm Glock and even tried one round of .44 Special from my Blackhawk. She even liked that. Another of the young ladies also wants to come to learn and asked if it would be okay to bring her MD hubby. Neither have ever shot before. Hell yes! The more the merrier. Always happy to welcome new shooters into the fold. Good thing that I have mucho, mucho ammo in stock................