Monday, January 20, 2020

No fever,

and not the other signs, so I think I've got some kind of allergy problem.  Which wouldn't be so bad except for my nose, with no warning, running like someone just turned on the faucet.

That out of the way, the march went about as we expected, greatly to the disappointment of most of the media.  It included things like this
and this
And ended with Gov. Blackface McKlanhat trying to take credit for it being peaceful

Now we'll see what happens next.


Dan said...

I am very happy the rally in Richmond was peaceful. It could very easily have gone very bad if the left had chosen to turn loose it's agents provocateur. However
the fact is while it happened, and it was peaceful it CHANGES NOTHING. Coonman Northam and his commie accomplices in the state house were NEVER in danger, thus they were NEVER afraid and therefore they have ZERO incentive to stop what they are doing. They fully intend to continue their assault on America and our freedoms and
this little soiree will do absolutely nothing to dissuade them and in fact will likely just goad them into trying harder to disarm everyone they can.

The commie left are just like Hollywood's Terminator.

"It (they) can't be reasoned with. It (they) doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear! And it (they) absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!"

As long as they are capable of turning oxygen into carbon dioxide the commies
demonrat left WILL continue their never ending assault on everyone and everything
that stands in their way. Until they pay a price at the PERSONAL level for this
they will never give up....ever.

mark leigh said...

I have often wished targeted assassination would be worthwhile, it's not worth the trouble cause we can't start shooting till they cross the line. Violence in a demonstration is suboptimal. There was a message sent though if the governor was listening. You call out the National Guard, we'll send you the self-organized militia and we'll bring friends.