Monday, January 20, 2020

Why People Distrust The Media, Part 862:

Ahead of Monday's gun-rights rally in Virginia, NBC News reporter Ben Collins labeled the event a "white nationalist" gathering Sunday, even as he warned against spreading "made-up stuff" on Twitter -- prompting scores of critics to point out the apparent irony, and to condemn his network for sanctioning Collins' checkered reporting on the so-called "dystopia beat." 

"Reporters covering tomorrow's white nationalist rally in Virginia, I'm absolutely begging you: Verify information before you send it out tomorrow, even if it's a very sensational rumor you heard from a cop," Collins wrote in his since-deleted tweet. "Don't become a hero in neo-Nazi propaganda circles with made-up stuff."

His defense when called on this: "There may be some national socialists there, see?"  Which is bullshit and slander on a huge level.
When Collins responded that white nationalists were at least attempting to "co-opt" the event, Gutowksi replied: "I agree there is a danger of extremists co-opting the event but can't you see how labeling it a 'white nationalist rally' when that isn't the case literally accomplishes goal that for them? ... Would you label the Women's March an anti-semitic rally because anti-semites have tried to coopt it?"

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