Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The EUnuchs strike again

European human rights chiefs have told the British press it must not report when terrorists are Muslim. 

The recommendations came as part of a list of 23 meddling demands to Theresa May’s government on how to run the media in an alarming threat to freedom speech.
Yes, 'freedom speech' is a typo, but a very fitting one.

The suggestions sent to Downing Street urging the UK Government to reform criminal law and freedom of the press and in a brutal criticism of the British press, the report recommends ministers 'give more rigorous training' to journalists.
(formerly Great)Britain isn't exactly a free speech zone(see 'people jailed for saying something on Fecesbook or Twatter), but this was a step way too far for them, at least for now.

And if you think the left wouldn't love to be able to give such an order here...

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Dan Patterson said...

How is it that the mental midgets and blood-thirsty tyrants that make up the mooslamic cult were bestowed extra rights and protected status?
Oh. I remember! Women and the men that fear them decided to "show the patriarchy who's boss!". Out with old and in with the new, discard all the labels and constraints of the past! It's a new age! We learned that from movies, books, TV, and college, right?
Run a body count and let's discuss how well that shit worked, ok chickie?