Sunday, January 20, 2019

Another weekend from, if not hell,

a suburb thereof.  Very busy, and still shorthanded.  I'm beat.

Then get home, browse some news and look on Bookface, and find that someone I thought knew me better than that basically accused of if not being, then acting like some kind of white supremacist.  Because 'the things you comment on'.  Which was set off because he had been waxing wroth about that (surprise!) turned out to be bullshit story about 'Trump-supporting teenagers attack Noble Native American, and I posted a couple of "This isn't what the media is trying to make it" reports.

I need some sun, enough sleep, and to say "Screw this" to the news for a while.  It might help.*

*What would really help would be a weekend or week at a beach with, say, Sandra Bullock.  Which I really think isn't going to happen.


Steve said...

I think Sandra is at the age the she would appreciate a swarthy fella to lounge with......


Dan Patterson said...

Understand your plight and "I feel your pain".
And the Sandra Bullock angle is a good one, though she's lost some luster given her stances on one thing or another. A good project will be to locate similar fantasy babes with more in common with the Gadsen Flag than the hammer and sickle.
Cheers y'all.