Thursday, January 24, 2019

Still messing with the .310 Cadet

Loading some using the shortened 7.62 Nagant brass, discovered something: after crimping, some of them would need a fair amount of pressure to fully chamber, but if you crimp/rotate 1/4 turn/crimp again, after that they slide right in.

I am actually doing some gun stuff, but last few days it's involved loading some ammo, and a lot of trying to clean & organize the room I do that stuff in.  Thus  ends the report.


Sambo said...

I use Lee factory crimp die for all my rifle calibers. You can do a light to heave crimp and not deform the case in anyway as the crimp die supports the case. I had a heck of a time with the 30-30 as the RCBS taper crimp in the die would buckle the case neck of some and not others even when all cases are trimmed to the same length. I don't know if they make one for your caliber but they might. They do a heck of a great job.

Firehand said...

I've been using one. Some of the earlier digging around found that you can take one for .32-20, shorten the body and the bottom of the collet by a certain amount(can't remember the numbers offhand) and use it for this cartridge. Works. Standard type crimp die won't work on this.

Know what you mean about .30-30. And the same thing happens if you're not careful with .257 Roberts, as a friend of my Dad found out.