Friday, October 05, 2018

"How dare he express unapproved views around a university!

Our students can't deal with that!"

This is why they get called 'snowflakes'.

And this is why I have a label for 'Higher' Education.

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Anonymous said...

A lot of conservatives are no better. Say anything about not wanting the holy ar15 god gun or the bump stock toy, and watch how fast the "conservatives" will start screaming FUD! like its an curse, then ether demand you stop your bad think. Or just ban you from the web sight. I have become convinced that many of these guys have done more to damage gun owners than the democrats. They act exactly like the communists, and seem to have more in common with them than they do with me. The same fanatical inflexibility. The same tactics. The same dogmatic demand that all who come before them conform. The same calls for violence, ant to me the worst of all. The same refusal to allow anyone who is not in lock step with them to have an opinion. Now I have never seen this from you. But try going to a sight where they worship the holy AR and say you don't want one sometime.--Ray