Saturday, October 06, 2018

Sounds good to me

Every one of Swetnick’s claims should be investigated by the FBI for possible perjury, Dershowitz argued, since she appeared in the interview to walk back her sworn statements.

“This becomes a very important educational moment because when you have to teach the women of the world and the men of the world that there is no genetically linked aspect of telling the truth, that women make up stories about alleged events that never occurred and that’s why it’s so important,” Dershowitz told Sean Hannity. “But this is an education moment. And the world is watching.”
“She swore under oath, subject to felony and perjury that certain things happened. She then said they didn’t happen and she changed her view,” Dershowitz continued. “Any good prosecutor, if the evidence shows that she made it up out of whole cloth, should be able to prosecute her and sentence her to prison.”
Every time some idiot wanting to hurt someone, get back at someone, sees accusing someone of sexual assault as a way to cause someone a problem lies about it and makes false charges, they don't seem to give a damn that fake charges make it that much harder for people to believe someone who HAS actually been attacked.  These idiots need to be prosecuted and get an actual penalty for it.  A seriously harsh one.


Dan said...

You can be damn sure that the moment the vote to confirm Kavanaugh went through the people behind this smear campaign began destroying every bit of evidence related to it that they could. Grassley has 'demanded' all communications and information regarding this from those involved....that demand will BE IGNORED. Eventually he might subpoena it....that too will be ignored. By the time the Senate actually gets around to doing anything substantive their will be NO EVIDENCE LEFT to use in
prosecuting all the criminals involved in this case. And that is in reality what
BOTH sides want to happen. NOTHING is going to happen to ANYONE involved in this case (other than liar Ford getting a Million plus via the GoFundMe money laundering scheme). It will be back to business as usual and the NEXT Trump nominee will see an even bigger more orchestrated smear campaign than this one was.

Firehand said...

I'd bet they started shredding/smashing stuff the moment Grassley made that demand.

Yeah, there's too many of the Stupid Party who're more 'get along with the other side no matter what'.

There are some- probably a fair number- who actually want to do something about it, but I doubt they'll manage to.