Wednesday, September 05, 2018

A demonstration of why I despise Feinstein,

and have come to despise and loathe most of the Evil Party leadership: from the Kavanaugh hearings
"Let's play word games to do anything we can to ban everything we can."  I could come to actually hate these people.

Let us remember, also, that in her attempt at Assault Weapons Ban, Part II, she not only had a looong list of specific firearms, but expanded her definition of 'assault weapon' so as to cover just about every semi-auto firearm in existence.  And now claims they're 'not commonly used'.


Anonymous said...

I would donate to any GoFund me or other type campaign raising money to sue these bastards to denial of civil rights violations.

Anonymous said...

National Matches are shot with AR type rifles.
That equals common use.
So does Fox contributor Katie Pavlich putting on camo
and using one to shoot a coyote while hunting in Texas.