Friday, June 15, 2018

So, the IG report comes out

and, among the dancing around on "We can't PROVE political reasons for this and this and this", we've got a load of shit that ought to cause the EffingBI to be cleaned out.

Picking a few,
FBI Agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok Texted About Stopping Trump.

Comey Concluded That He’d Let Hillary Off In Spring 2016.

The DOJ and FBI Changed The Law To Exonerate Hillary.

On that "We don't think there were political reasons" crap,
Comey Revealed The Reopened Investigation To Congress Because He Thought Hillary Was Going To Win, and He Wanted To Preserve Her Legitimacy. This is what the report explicitly says: “we found that his decision was the result of several interrelated factors that were connected to his concern that failing to send the letter would harm the FBI and his ability to lead it, and his view that candidate Clinton was going to win the presidency and that she would be perceived to be an illegitimate president if the public first learned of the information after the election.” Comey didn’t speak with anyone at the DOJ about releasing the letter.
If that's not political, what is?

And one of the crowning pieces of bullshit from the EffingBI,
According to the IG report, “We identified numerous FBI employees, at all levels of the organization and with no official reason to be in contact with the media, who were nevertheless in frequent contact with reporters.” FBI agents received “benefits from reporters” as well, including golf outings, drinks and meals.
"Hey, I've got access to this information(which I probably shouldn't) and there are people who'll give me things for passing it along!"
Isn't that called 'bribery' or something when plain old citizens do it?

This is a bloody mess.  Know what'd make it worse?  If Clinton had won, and all this EffingBI and CIA and whoever interference in the election came out after.  You want to talk about people screaming for blood?  Literal blood?

Head of the sacred Bureau better do some serious housecleaning if he hopes for his precious agency to have any credibility and trust left.

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